Heart and Soul Supper Club: Eastern European Night

Join us for our new Supper Club, where we promise good food, good company and good values ... all supporting our amazing community.

Food steps, not food miles is the name of the game - where the produce is planted, nurtured and harvested steps away in our own market garden - good for the planet, good for the community and good for the soul!

The next supper club is Friday 1st March where our wonderful chefs will be cooking up an Eastern European Night!

With special guest chef - details to come


For the table

Sledzie (Marinated herrings)

Kabanosy (Polish sausage)

Saloatka jarzynowa (Vegetable salad) (V)

All served with Heart and Soul’s homemade bread

Choose between

Barszcz czerwony borscht

Newquay Orchard beetroot soup (V)


Zupa Ogorkowa

Cold Cucumber soup (V)

Choose between


stuffed cabbage leaves with vegetables and rice (V)



Meat stew with Orchard greens

Newquay Orchard was built by the community for the community and Heart and Soul is its

beating heart. Its a home-from-home dining experience, an opportunity for the community

to join the long table, meet and come together to enjoy a meal in the charming atmosphere

of our cafe.